About Us

In the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic, we wanted to find a simple alternative for all day/everyday disinfecting. What started out as just an idea, turned into a realistic solution for business owners, employees, and customers. We wanted to make sure the product could be used with extreme ease and comfortability. Therefore, we created the BIOWOLF to be completely cordless, chargeable, and portable. Our sprayer is built for everyday disinfecting.
The essence of our company is simple, to create innovative disinfectant products that are our customers love. 


Our People 

Mike Kolassa, Chairman of the Board

Gregory T. Wolf, Founder and Chief Executive Officer 

Sam Veytsman, Head of Sales 

Aidan Dolan, Executive Director 

John Streckert, Sales Representative

Shayna Veystman, Sales Representative

Robert Wolf, Head of Design 

Brandon Cutler, Warehouse Employee