Pulverizador desinfectante BIOWOLF
Pulverizador desinfectante BIOWOLF
Pulverizador desinfectante BIOWOLF
BIOWOLF Disinfectant Sprayer - BIOWOLF Solutions
Pulverizador desinfectante BIOWOLF
BIOWOLF Disinfectant Sprayer - BIOWOLF Solutions
BIOWOLF Disinfectant Sprayer - BIOWOLF Solutions

Pulverizador desinfectante BIOWOLF

El rociador de mano BIOWOLF está diseñado para desinfectar. 

  • El BIOWOLF fue diseñado para proporcionar una solución desinfectante para todo el día / todos los días.
  • El tanque extraíble de fácil llenado tiene una capacidad de 800 ml, lo que le permite cubrir hasta 2,800 pies cuadrados en un solo llenado de tanque.
  • Recargable con el uso del cable de carga incluido.
  • Completamente inalámbrico, duradero y portátil.
  • Elimine virus con el uso adecuado de soluciones desinfectantes en superficies como sillas, manijas, mostradores, mesas, etc. 
  • Perfecto para entornos que tienen mucho tráfico peatonal, incluidos espacios de oficinas, escuelas, iglesias, consultorios dentales, etc. 
  • Contiene hasta 800 ml de solución desinfectante.
  • Puede rociar hasta 25 minutos continuamente con una carga completa. 

El paquete incluye 

1x pistola pulverizadora portátil BIOWOLF

1x cable de carga

1x conector de salida 

1x batería de iones de litio de 18 voltios

Politica de reembolso

Estamos tan seguros de que disfrutará de la pistola pulverizadora desinfectante BIOWOLF que ofrecemos un reembolso completo del producto hasta 30 días después de recibirlo.

información de entrega

El tiempo de envío estándar es de 2 a 5 días hábiles después de la compra. 

The BIOWOLF Sprayer Is Now Supported Kevin Harrington Who Is The Original Shark From Hit TV series "Shark Tank" 

The BIOWOLF team is working closely with Kevin Harrington and his team for marketing, strategy , and investment opportunities. At BIOWOLF, we are super excited to work with Kevin to continue to change the way people think about disinfecting. 

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"I have a retail mailbox store and wanted my customers to feel safe during this pandemic.
I found this BIOWOLF product to be so simple to use. Just spray area and within seconds it’s dry and smells medicinal, really clean.
I would highly recommend this product to anyone that wanted their workplace to feel clean and safe as it is extremely efficient and effective."

Gwen S 

Manager of MailBox Plus

"I own a fast food establishment so the importance of maintaining the cleanest safest environment is imperative. The BIOWOLF Disinfectant Sprayer is fantastic product that allows my employees and customers to feel protected."

Robin O

Owner of Heffy's Hot Dogs

“Received my disinfectant portable sprayers today. I was not hesitant on using it at the Ronald McDonald House in Orange County. It’s nice to know that these disinfectant sprayers will keep kids and families safe from this fighting virus. It was so easy to use. Thanks BIOWOLF for a great product.” 

Marc Lopez



In the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic, we wanted to find a simple alternative for all day/everyday disinfecting. What started out as just an idea, turned into a realistic solution for business owners, employees, and customers. We wanted to make sure the product could be used with extreme ease and comfortability. Therefore, we created the BIOWOLF to be completely cordless, chargeable, and portable. Our Sparyer is built for everyday people, like us, to disinfect against viruses like COVID-19 on a regular basis. 

The essence of our company is simple, to create innovative disinfecting products that are our customers love.