How Do I Use The BIOWOLF?

The BIOWOLF is extremely user-friendly. When the BIOWOLF arrives at your door, all you have to do is attach the 3 pieces of the disinfectant spray gun together, charge the battery using the cable provided, and pour your solution inside the clear holder. After you complete those steps, you are ready to use the BIOWOLF disinfectant spray gun against unwanted pathogens. 

Does The BIOWOLF Spray Gun Come With The Solution?

No, the BIOWOLF Disinfectant Spray Gun comes separate from the solution. We believe the BIOWOLF Disinfectant Spray Gun works well with our TECHSPRAY Cleaning Grade Isopropyl Alcohol. The starter package comes with 1 gallon of the TECHSPRAY disinfectant solution, and the business package comes with 5 gallons of the TECHSPRAY solution. 

Do I need to wipe down the surfaces after I spray them with the BIOWOLF?

Wiping is a thing of the past with the BIOWOLF Disinfectant Spray Gun. Just spray and walk away. Our solutions will first disinfect while sprayed, then evaporate when you walk away. Disinfecting has never been simpler!

 What Is The Difference Between The BIOWOLF with TECHSPRAY And a Normal Disinfectant?

The BIOWOLF with TECHSPRAY is not a normal disinfectant method. We pride ourselves on creating a new technology of disinfecting that substantially reduces labor time when applying solution. With the BIOWOLF no wiping is needed and with that comes a substantial reduce of environmental waste. The BIOWOLF is completely portable, reusable, chargeable, and cordless. High demand for our product and customer retention has proved that the BIOWOLF is a must have for every business and household across America. 

How Do You Charge The BIOWOLF?

When you purchase the BIOWOLF, you receive a charging cable that attaches to the battery and all you have to do it plug it in. 

How Much Solution Can The BIOWOLF Hold?

The BIOWOLF disinfectant spray gun holds 800ml. For most uses, 800ml can last from 3 days to 3 weeks depending on usage rates. 

When are Pre-orders going to be shipped?

Due to high demand, we expect pre-orders to be shipped by July 29th. We thank our customers for their patience. 

Where can I find Safety Information and Warning Information using the BIOWOLF?

We highly recommend reading the operations manual and warnings in the BIOWOLF manual and all the warning labels of the solution you select to use before filling and operating the equipment.  Our TECHSPRAY safety sheets and warnings are attached in the product description area.  TECHSPRAY is 70% Cleaning Grade Isopropyl Alcohol which is highly flammable and not to be used near fire or extreme heat. Proper storage is very important as well. Again, please refer to the appropriate safety and warning materials with the unit and the solution for an in-depth discussion on safety and application before usage.