Disinfectant Sprayer for Schools

Regardless of the time of year, school administrators continue to battle against germs, bacteria, the flu, and protecting their students and staff from getting sick. Even the best efforts at cleaning and disinfecting schools can fall short because surfaces that harbor germs can simply be missed due to their complex shape or hard to reach areas.  At BIOWOLF Solutions our team has designed a disinfectant sprayer for schools that will make disinfecting your school affordable, easy, and portable. We will provide your school will all the tools needed to protect your students, faculty, and staff from the many viruses and unwanted bacteria that can be found inside schools and common areas outdoors  


About Our Disinfectant Sprayer for Schools

At BIOWOLF Solutions we are committed to providing you with a clean, fresh-smelling, and safe environment. It is crucial to us that our school systems are able to protect their students, faculty, and staff from bacteria and germs that can grow rampant if left untreated properly. The BIOWOLF disinfectant sprayer for schools was designed to provide you with an all-day everyday disinfecting solution that provided you with the right solution. The BIOWOLF handheld sprayer comes with features such as:

  • A removable easy-fill tank that holds 800ml of disinfectant solution, allowing you to disinfect up to 2,800 square feet on a single tank.
  • A completely cordless, durable, and portable disinfectant solution
  • A solution that can spray for up to 25 minutes continually on a full charge. 


How To Use Our Disinfectant Sprayer for Schools

The BIOWOLF Solutions portable disinfectant sprayer is easy to use. Simply charge and spray! You will be able to spray all areas such as your classrooms, desks, lockers, hallways, and other high-touch surfaces. Once complete simply let it dry! This will help to prevent infections and get rid of odors at their source. For best results we recommend that you spray twice a day for complete success. Shop BIOWOLF Solutions products today.